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Ripple Coin raised 4 million dollars

Ripple Coin announced today that they raised 4 million dollars from the venture capital firm "Santander Arm". This latest raise brings Ripple's total raise to 32 million.

Ripple has caught the attention of the venture capital markets. Also in the news is the Japanese company "smartcoin", operator of "orb" has raised 2.3 million in seed capital from a leading Japanese V. C. firm and some "angel investors". Clearly there's a lot of attention being created in the cryptocurrency markets, these are just two examples of many. The technology of "blockchains" is here to stay as a viable way to transfer capital around the globe.
Last modified on October 09, 2015
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JAVC Enterprise

Headquartered in Margate, Florida, JAVC Enterprise Corp (JAVC) is the creator of the Java Coin, a cryptocurrency (a form of digital money). While maintaining privacy of customers, JAVC utilizes proprietary techniques to verify ownership of coin holders, secure and monitor transactions, trace and track identities of senders and receivers, maintain all record keeping efforts, protect coins from theft, maintain liquidity and stabilize value of the cryptocurrency.

Website: www.javcenterprisecorp.com/