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JAVC Enterprise Corp. in negotiations with several coffee plantations.

JAVC Enterprise Corp. (JAVC) developers and promoters of the "Java Coin" announced today that it is currently in negotiations with several coffee plantations in Mexico and Costa Rico. JAVC believes this is a major step in promoting the "Java Coin" in the global coffee market. JAVC intends to develop strong demand of the Java Coin through agreements with global coffee markets both on the retail side and the wholesale side. JAVC believes it will secure agreements in the next several weeks with several plantation owners. Look for some exciting news in the next several weeks!!!
Last modified on October 20, 2015
JAVC Enterprise

Headquartered in Margate, Florida, JAVC Enterprise Corp (JAVC) is the creator of the Java Coin, a cryptocurrency (a form of digital money). While maintaining privacy of customers, JAVC utilizes proprietary techniques to verify ownership of coin holders, secure and monitor transactions, trace and track identities of senders and receivers, maintain all record keeping efforts, protect coins from theft, maintain liquidity and stabilize value of the cryptocurrency.

Website: www.javcenterprisecorp.com/