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JAVC Enterprises signs second Independent Contractors Agreement

JAVC Enterprises announced today that they signed a second Independent Contractors agreement. This agreement is with CEMSCO S.A. in Costa Rica.

This agreement allows JAVC Enterprise to market their raw coffee to roast houses in the U.S. CEMCO S.A. has already agreed to use the "Java Coin" as payment for coffee. JAVC Enterprise is also in talks with several other plantations in South and Central America.

Starting in February JAVC Enterprises plans to start marketing coffee to the various roast houses in the U.S. This will create good relations with coffee vendors thereby paving the way for them to accept the "Java Coin" as an alternative way to purchase coffee. JAVC Enterprises will also start talking to several trading platforms to have the coin listed in the ladder part of the year.

Again, look for new announcements in the near future.
Last modified on January 16, 2016
JAVC Enterprise

Headquartered in Margate, Florida, JAVC Enterprise Corp (JAVC) is the creator of the Java Coin, a cryptocurrency (a form of digital money). While maintaining privacy of customers, JAVC utilizes proprietary techniques to verify ownership of coin holders, secure and monitor transactions, trace and track identities of senders and receivers, maintain all record keeping efforts, protect coins from theft, maintain liquidity and stabilize value of the cryptocurrency.

Website: www.javcenterprisecorp.com/