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JAVC Enterprise Trading Platform

In an effort to keep our coin holders up to date on a regular basis JAVC Enterprise will send you a progress report every 60 days or so. Of course you are more than welcomed to call us at any time. As we move forward the "JAVA coin" continues to looks to cement various relationships that will enhance the value of the coin.

JAVC Enterprise are in discussions with large and small coffee retailers, coffee plantations in south and central America and roast houses here in the U.S. As you know JAVC enterprise has two contracts in place with plantation owners as of December 2015. JAVC Enterprise continues with discussions on all fronts.

These agreements, however take time to come to realization, but we are very optimistic about signing with some major retailers in the near future.

JAVC Enterprise continues to stay ahead of the curve to stay connected to this incredible market called "Blockchain Technology". As Part of being a well-known coin, some of our team went to the blockchain technology training conference in Toronto. The conference was significant in keeping a pulse on a market that is in the "midst of tremendous growth", According to Deloitte, Touche, one of the sponsors. There were over 20 speakers at the conference that are blockchain experts. Andy Antonopoulos, author of steering Bitcoin" said that "Blockchain Technology" is the most significant technology in the financial sector in over 100 years. Joseph Mari of the Bank of Montreal said "The banking industry will change dramatically over the next three years", pointing to the fact that the crypto-currency market is here to stay and will have a major impact on the way money moves around the globe. The conference lasted two days and covered everything from Blockchain mechanics to Blockchain adaption in the marketplace.

The one common theme in all the subject matter is that the crypto-currency market will be substantial and that consumers who are early holders of coins should do very well. The information was invaluable and was in line with our mission and vision, which is to facilitate and contribute to the massive global coffee market and beyond. JAVC Enterprise believes the Java coin will have more applications outside the coffee market. Even though Java refers to coffee, let’s not forget that 90% of all websites use a language called "Java script", so we can move into other markets.

JAVC Enterprise also identified another enormous market, which is in the trading platforms of the many crypto-currencies that will be developed over the next few years. All these coins will be looking for places to trade, just like the stock market. JAVC has started talks with some developers of platforms and will look to have our own platform in the near future, where we can trade our coin as well as other coins for additional revenues.

The future looks very promising in this incredible market. Patience and resolve will pay off dramatically. As always any time you have questions please don't hesitate to call us. Also don't forget to check our website for other news and updates. We look forward to speaking with you soon.
Last modified on July 19, 2016
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JAVC Enterprise

Headquartered in Margate, Florida, JAVC Enterprise Corp (JAVC) is the creator of the Java Coin, a cryptocurrency (a form of digital money). While maintaining privacy of customers, JAVC utilizes proprietary techniques to verify ownership of coin holders, secure and monitor transactions, trace and track identities of senders and receivers, maintain all record keeping efforts, protect coins from theft, maintain liquidity and stabilize value of the cryptocurrency.

Website: www.javcenterprisecorp.com/